What To Expect During AC installation At Your Home In Jacksonville FL


What To Expect During AC installation At Your Home In Jacksonville FL

The Installation Process

When your HVAC system goes out, you will need someone to do proper replacement right away. Knowing exactly what to expect of such a project is a nightmare to most homeowners. Having a clear understanding of the replacement process will help you to prepare adequately. It will also put you in a better position to engage effectively with a potential HVAC contractor. Below is an outline of the process of replacement of HVAC system and some few tips to aid you make the process smoother.

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Initial preparation

Just like any project you should have an idea of the cost of replacement. The best way to approach this would be to get quotations from around three reputable HVAC contractors. They will give you clear estimates after assessing your property. Factors they will consider while costing includes square footage, the ideal climate of your area, property size and whether it have conditioned air. Upon assessment, the contractors will also make certain recommendations like the type and size of HVAC system and the necessary repairs before replacement.

In addition to the above, there are other things that you need to take care of before the contractor starts the work. Although professional contractors will take great care to protect your valuable items, it is also important to take care on your own to reduce the risks of damage. Cover up or transfer valuable items such as antiques to safe places.


Having chosen the right HVAC system through the recommendation of the contractors, the next step is to know when to commence and the duration. In an ideal case, the contractor will contact you to schedule installation, mostly, at your convenient time. A normal HVAC replacement takes one day, but it can extend to two days depending on the additions that are necessary.

Setting up the work Area

Upon arrival at your home, the technicians will assess the work area. They will then do necessary covering and protection to ensure that they keep your home clean and safe using drop cloth and foot coverings. If there is furniture, that needs to be moved away from the work area they should move it to a safer location. Any immovable household items and furniture in the work area should be covered with plastic.

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Disconnecting the old unit

Before installing the new HVAC system, the old unit must be disconnected. Old furnace, air conditioners, heat pumps and assorted components will be removed. Depending on where the equipment was installed, it may involve assessing the attic areas and the basements. If retrofits are required to adjust to the new equipment setup, it will be done first before the actual installation

Actual installation

The new system will be installed as per manufacturer’s specifications. If there is a need for an electrical upgrade, it should be done. Likewise, they might need to add drain lines and other components.


Once the installation is complete, full inspection and testing should be done. Pressure and vacuum tests are done before adding new refrigerant to the system. If your new system passes the tests, the contractor will clean material and equipment they were using on that job. Before leaving, the team like Comfortilio should walk you through how the system work while also answering any question you may have.


With the above information, you should have less hassle in replacing your HVAC system. However, just like any other project, there might be emergencies regarding additional works. An experienced contractor will try to cover this during the quotation stage. Sometimes, new tasks may arise that necessitate adjustment of the original budget.

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