Air Conditioning Tune Up

air conditioning tune offers a full range of air conditioning tune up services. Whether you need annual air conditioner tune-ups or more in-depth troubleshooting inspections, we’ve got you covered!

Quality Service

The scorching hot summers do put a lot of stress on your AC, and our efficient air conditioning tune ups will assist keep your system running at its peak. Your conditioning system is a massive investment, and our expert tune up services will go a long way extending the lifespan of the equipment as well as assist you avoid expensive repairs in future.

Our top-notch tune-up services assist your equipment run near or even at the exact original manufacturer’s specifications, depending on overall condition and age. When the system operates efficiently, it doesn’t have to work as long to do the job right, saving your wallet from rising energy bills. And, most importantly, when the system doesn’t have to work harder, it undoubtedly lasts longer.

Outstanding Workmanship

With more than a decade of vast experience in this industry, our professional NATE certified technicians can detect minor issues that can be fixed inexpensively, quickly, and effortlessly during the tune-up procedure. If neglected, these same problems can force you to dig deeper into your pockets through costly repairs or priceless entire system replacement.

How We Conduct Our Exhaustive Tune-Ups And InspectionsComfortilio air conditiong tune up

Our air conditioning system tune-ups includes:

• Control of the secondary and primary drain lines
• Adjusting blower components
• Checking the operating pressures for correct refrigerant charge
• Monitoring air conditioning cycle
• Cleaning and adjusting thermostat
• Inspection of the outdoor condenser coil
• Monitoring amperage and voltage draw on all motors
• Checking and tightening all loose electrical connections

Inspecting the above components of your AC and addressing all the issues that require attention will not only keep your air conditioning system operating properly but also extend the lifespan of your system. Isn’t that great? That’s why most people who neglect air conditioner tune-ups are more often than not surprised to find that their AC system will age quicker and need more frequent pocket-draining air conditioner repairs. Would you like to fall into such a trap? Certainly not! As the old saying goes; prevention is better than cure!

Now that you know, let the professionals walk you through the talk through a one-time call. To obtain a free, no obligation consultation and estimates, call our awaiting friendly engineers now.

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