Why Is My AC Not Cooling In Miami?

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Why Is My AC Not Cooling In Miami?

Is the central air conditioner in your home unable to cool your house? Is it either blowing hot or luke warm air? There are several factors which may cause your air conditioner fail to cool your house properly. For your convenience, we will group the issues into two categories; the ones you can solve effortlessly, and the ones only an expert air conditioning repair professional can solve.

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The Air Conditioning Problems Which You Can Solve On Your Own

A lot can go wrong with your air conditioning unit, but unless the equipment is a dinosaur, common issues can be resolved effortlessly.

The First Problem: Thermostat Configured To ON Instead Of AUTO

If your air conditioner blows out lukewarm air and cool air sometimes, then the setting of the fan may be configured to ON instead of AUTO. Such setting runs the fan 24 hours, seven days a week even when there’s no need to cool the air.
How To Solve The Problem: Set your thermostat to AUTO.

The Second Problem: Dirty Air Filter
If the air filter is dirty, this reduces airflow into your equipment, causing various problems:
The unit struggles to circulate adequate cool air to achieve your home’s desired temperature (for example, you have set your thermostat on 74, but the temperature never falls below 80)?

How To Solve The Problem: Check your air filter and change it if it looks clogged.

The Third Problem: Dirty External Unit

Your AC’S internal unit known as the evaporator absorbs heat from the air when cooling your house and afterward transfers the said heat to the external unit referred to as the condenser. Your unit’s condenser cannot dissipate heat if it is crowded with debris or dirt. This makes your AC have a tough time trying to cool your house.

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How To Solve The Problem: Just spray the external unit by use of a garden hose on a gentle setting. Remember not to blast it on a high configuration, or you end up bending the fins which allow airflow to cool off the condenser. You also need to uproot any weeds growing near the air conditioner to give your unit some room to breathe.

Problems That Can Only Be Solved By An Ac Professional

Admittedly, due to the complexity of air conditioning units, some of the issues you may encounter demands specialized knowledge of a pro.
Here are some of the issues that may require a professional AC contractor in Miami FL:

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The Fist Problem: A Broken Or Faulty Condenser Fan Motor

If your fan motor is faulty, then the outside unit’s fan cannot assist dissipate heat. This means that your air conditioner won’t cool the room.
The Second Problem: Refrigerant Leak/ Low Refrigerant Charge

If you suspect to have a refrigerant leak or a low refrigerant charge, turn off your air conditioner and call a professional from comfortilio.com ASAP. Running the air conditioner in such a state may cause compressor slugging. Such slugging may lead to the damage of compressor beyond repair.

The Third Problem: A Faulty Compressor

A compressor is considered as the heart of any AC system. If damaged, then your Air Conditioner can’t cool the air.

If you have a problem with your compressor, then you may need a replacement. The AC compressor is uber costly. So unless you’ve got a warranty on it, you will probably require replacing the entire external unit. Live in the Miami FL area? Contact Comfortilio for professional assistance.

Have you tried solving the issue yourself? Is your Air Conditioner not cooling your room after checking these possible problems? If you are a resident of Miami FL, then contact for a professional and affordable air conditioning repair service.

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