5 Simple Steps Of Restarting Your Air Condition When You Lose Power

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Engineer Comfortilio St Petersburg FLIf you have experienced a power outage during one of those powerful storms, the air conditioner may not have kicked back on. Do you know what you need to do before you schedule an AC repair? Just follow the following simple five steps to reset your system safely and get back to your ultimate comfort effortlessly without breaking your bank.

1. Turn your system off at the thermostat

This prevents the thermostat from calling for cooling until you’ve reset both the internal and external breakers.

2. Find the breaker box in your house

More often, a power surge from a powerful storm overloads the equipment’s circuit, making the circuit breaker to trip. You’ll, therefore, have to reset it.

3. Flip the AC’s circuit breaker back on

Open your circuit breaker box and look for the circuit that features an HVAC/AC label next to it. If there is no label, find a switch that is moved to a neutral position. To reset your circuit breaker, turn it to the right position (off), then the left position (on).

4. Wait for thirty minutes

During this wait time, the internal breaker in your equipment will reset. During this period, maintain the thermostat in the “off” setting. The breaker won’t be able to reset if your thermostat is calling for cooling.

5. Turn your thermostat back to �’cool’’ setting and get your ultimate comfort back.Engineer Examining Ac Comfortilio St Petersburg

Go back to the thermostat, turn it back to cool and ensure your temperature setting is at least five degrees below the temperature of your room. Now you have a reason to celebrate because you’ve got your comfort back.

But if the breaker trips as soon as you’ve reset it, then, you’ve another problem that needs to be dealt with by a professional HVAC repair engineer before you try to reset the breaker again.

Is your air conditioner still not turning back on?

The above five steps are usually all that is required to reset the cooling system after a power outage. If your equipment still doesn’t turn back on, odds are there are more complicated issues that may have been brought about by the storm. You, therefore, need to schedule an appointment with an experienced AC repair contractor who will investigate what the problem is with your system and fix it.

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